Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Quiz.

Palm Beach Quiz.

Team Scorpions go International well amost ;)

Hey guys have posted some questions from the Palm Beach Galleria Quiz Ajay and I Did for our super-juniors.

Was a good experience,The response was thanda,We dint even need a elimination round :),but neverthless we were damn excited to do the quiz in a public space.

Thanks to Mitesh,Kapil and Revati for giving us a chance.

Here we Go!!

1)Name the man who held the nations heart in his hand-Literally and had the whole country praying for his client.

Which famous persons Image is the one above?No 0ne got this guys so it remains unconquered.

3)What is the Pincode of Chandini Chowk?

4)I was born on September 16, 1954 in a family of farmers. I did my B. Com from Loyola College at Vijayawada and subsequently did my MBA from Ohio University, USA.I attended a course at Harvard.Name this person.

5)The Song Jai Ho! From Slumdog Milliornaire was first composed for another Movie,By Ar Rahman,But the director of the film famously rejected it saying it was too thanda.
We all know how hit the song is.Name the original Movie it was composed for and who was the director.


  1. Answers:
    1)Dr.Ramakant Panda(PM's heart surgery)
    2)St Valentine
    4)Ramalinga Raju
    5)Yuvraj,Subhash Ghai Director

  2. grt da
    keep the good work :)

    keep posting questions