Sunday, September 26, 2010


An Actor,Investment banker or PE advisor,Gardner,Journo no wait features editor.

Thinking about to manage all this in the next 25 years and make money smultaneously :).

Is it all possible why not...mjy point is why should one stick to a particular profession for his whole life...its not like u are married to your profession..well infact thats the advantage right...

is it about finding the right job,is it about not experimenting....hmmm thoughts that are currently brewing...let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

brewing curently

writng in after really really..long.

the othr day i read an article about "choice"

it questioned the reasons behind ones choices.why he choose and what he chooses?

made me wonder why are people so scared to choose.Fear i realsed was the answer.

Most of us dream-up/or "think about" the consequences wayy before and then make deductions from there on..what if ..this..wt if tht..and this in most cases is towards the negative.

whic brings me to the concept of caution:I call this a concept because of its over usage in making choices.there are those that thrive on instinct and those that swear by caution.

Both me they do...have tried both :)

"either be happy with who you are or make peace with it"-choce is yours.